RU 2023 Graduation, Fall Registration, and Phone Updates

2023 Graduation Ceremony

 Reformed University held the 2023 (15th) degree conferment ceremony in the Reformed University Chapel Room on May 6th with about 50 alumni and professors in attendance. At the graduation ceremony, a total of nine graduates were honored, including one master’s degree in business administration, five bachelor’s degrees in business administration, and three bachelor’s degrees in theology.

In the graduation ceremony, President Dr. Jeong said to the graduates, “What I would like to remind you is that you have an entrepreneurial spirit that will persevere and take on challenges no matter what. In particular, you faced the unprecedented difficulties of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus variants, you worked hard in class, and you have reached today. I hope you have a deep gratitude to the professors and staff who guided you with dedication and passion to help you reach today, and to the parents and family who have supported you with love. I hope you will always remember this gratitude and live a life of caring and serving others. I hope you don’t forget that when you live together with others and contribute to the development of the community, you enjoy a truly happy and valuable life.” 


Martin Ngare Ougo


Mi Jae Kim

Sung Lae Kim

Hae Sook Yang


Dohyeon Kim

Yeijin Kong

Yiru Lee Lerner

Aman Mohamedali Merchant

Mohamed Ladji Traore


Fall Registration

We will be providing updates soon about dates for Fall Registration. As a reminder, we will be back to in-person classes on the RU campus in Lawrenceville for the Fall 2023 semester.

Phone Updates

We have been working hard to update some of the infrastructure and systems within the school to make our staff more accessible. One of those updates includes new direct phone numbers that can be used to dial a staff member directly. You can find the phone numbers on our website here: Phone Numbers

They are also included below:

Main Number…(770)-232-2717



Academic Dean…(470)-994-2322

Vice President…(470)-994-2324



MBA Program…(470)-567-7941

BABA Program…(470)-567-7942

Theological Studies…(470)-567-7943

HR / Bus. Manager…(470)-994-2320

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