Institutional Effectiveness and Reporting

Quality Compliance Review

Reformed University is committed to continual improvement of its academic programs,
research resources, and facilities to provide an excellent education for all students.

Reformed University completes annual evaluations of staff, faculty, academic programs,
courses, facilities, safety measures, student achievement, and more to maintain educational excellence.

Consumer Information

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Clery Act

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Campus Safety and Security

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy and Prevention Plan

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 requires institutions who participate in federal student aid programs to provide information to its students, faculty, and employees to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Please click here for our Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Prevention Program policy. Information about programming opportunities and assistance programs are available to students and employees with suspected drug or alcohol problems at Student Services. Possible repercussions of violating state and institutional drug and alcohol policies is available in the Student Code of Conduct.

Assessment Plan

Reformed University’s office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness complete annual assessments according to a planned schedule in compliance with State and Federal programs and our accreditation organization.

The Assessment Plan evaluates the following areas of institutional functions:
• Leadership
• Staff
• Facilities
• Academic Programs
• Courses
• Distance Education
• Library Services
• Institutional Programs
• Financial Aid
• Admissions and Recruiting
• Student Support
• Technology and Business Support Systems

Student Achievement