• The establishment of Reformed University in Atlanta GA was led from first the Seminary of Jung Lib Presbyterian General Assembly (SJA), Seoul, Korea in 1984 as a denominational institution. Which has since graduated approximately 1,700 students and ordained 1,200 pastors. In South Korea alone, these graduates have founded more than 800 churches, and 130 Missionaries and are currently serving in all nations of the world.
  • As a founder of SJA, Dr. Jae Sig Park had a vision from God to spread the precious gospel to places where men did not reach yet, bringing God’s kingdom on this earth and preparing the way for the Lord to come. To fulfill his calling from God, Dr. Jae Sig Park founded Reformed Theological University (RTS) in Chicago IL in 1992, determined that United States is the world’s most racially and ethnically diverse nation, providing access to train and equip missionaries from all different kinds of backgrounds. Later on, RTS was renamed Reformed University (RU) adding programs that can prepare students academically and spiritually to engage our world through a mature understanding of the challenges of the world today.
  • Opened a school under the name of Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and was recognized and authorized in Chicago, IL.
  • Joined Pacific Union Accrediting Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries and recognized as an accredited member.
  • In July, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and received license from Georgia Non-Public Post-Secondary Education Commission.
  • In October RU purchased 17 acres of land with a lake, horse riding track and a swimming pool, renovating the property to dorms, classrooms, a chapel, a golf course, and a sports ground.
  • In October, purchased a 10,000 sq. ft. commercial building located in Duluth, Georgia. The building housed 8 office rooms, a chapel, library, 4 classrooms and a lounge for students.
  • In July, received an official religious exemption from Georgia Non-Public Post-Secondary Education Commission.
  • In October, the RTS bought and relocated to a 65,000 sq. ft. building on 8.5 acres of land at 1724 Atkinson Rd, Lawrenceville, GA.
  • In March, the name of Reformed Theological Seminary was formally changed to Reformed University (RU).
  • In April, RU received a Candidacy status from Transnational Association of Colleges and Schools (TRACS).
  • In November, RU received Institutional Accreditation status from TRACS.
  • In January, RU was approved through the Department of Education as a Title IV Institution and authorized to process federal financial aid for students.
  • In March, RU was approved to issue I-20s by the US Department of Homeland Security for international students.
  • In July, RU received TRACS approval to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.
  • In July, RU received TRACS approval for a Teaching Site in Jeju Island, Korea.
  • In October, RU received TRACS approval for a Master of Business Administration program.
  • In April, TRACS approved the MALS program for RU. 
  • In November, RU received TRACS and G-NPEC approval for 
    Distance Education.
  • In July, TRACS approved the MATS and MAICS programs for RU.
  • In April, TRACS approved the reaffirmation.
  • In August, Dr. Jin O Jeong is elected as the second President of RU.
Dr. Jeong