It is my great honor to welcome you to Reformed University. Having the foundation of Protestantism and with the vision of a prestigious private school, Reformed University is moving toward an educational platform that will prepare you for the future.

Our school desires to become a beacon of hope for the world by leading education in the midst of worldly challenges. We also want to expand outside of the U.S. and realize leadership education that will reshape the world.

Under the practical development strategy of our school, we will invest in educational facilities and create a strong educational environment. To strengthen our competitiveness in education, we will secure high quality professors and develop practical studies. As part of our specialized education, we seek to improve students’ English language skills, promote multicultural capacity, and expand global adaptability. We will also be a community that shares the sorrow and hardship of immigrants.

Our school will continue to prepare itself to equip and advance our students as they prepare to face the challenges of this world.

Thank you.

Jino Jeong, Ph.D.

President (PDSO)