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International Students

Welcome to Reformed University! Since its official beginning in 1992 here in the US, many qualified students have successfully graduated with Reformed University degrees. Many of those graduates are now professionals in their native countries. The faculty and staff of Reformed University (RU) extend a warm welcome to each of you and wish that your experience with us will prove to be a valuable endeavor of eternal value.

​The International Student Advisement Center (Admissions / PDSO Office) is and will be an important source of information and support while you study at Reformed University as an international student with F-1 visa status. You can download the International Student Handbook in the link below. The handbook was prepared as a guide for understanding policies and procedures and to help you maintain your student visa. It may not contain answers to every question you may have; however, consider this handbook as the fundamental guideline while preparing to enroll or while enrolled at RU. Of course, we encourage you to contact the visit the International Advisement Center for assistance in these matters.

Contained in the International Student handbook is information on who to contact and about some of the experiences that you can expect while you study at Reformed University. The RU Catalog, Student Handbook, and official website at are other resources that will help you throughout your career at RU. Most campus policies are outlined in these resources along with Student Handbook and Code of Conduct Manual.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services to assist and enhance your academic and social experience while at our institution. If you have any questions regarding enrollment at RU, please contact us!