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First Time Students

New Student Orientation

Reformed University welcomes all newly entering students and works with each student to make their transition into the academic environment as smooth as possible.

Regardless whether our students are just out of High School, coming from another institution, or been out of school for many years, we are here to assist our students in achieving their academic goals.

All newly entering students are required to attend “New Student Orientation.” The time is used to provide students with the information necessary to have all their answers met and start well.

Transfer Students

Students seeking to transfer from another post-secondary educational institution will be considered for admission upon submission of the documentation outlined below, along with an official transcript of completed previous college or seminary work. These files must be submitted on official forms provided in the application via email directly to Reformed University from the institution the student attended.

Transfer credit will only be accepted if earned at a post-secondary institution having regional or national accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This can be determined through The Council for Higher Education Accreditation website.

The student is responsible for requesting an evaluation of external course work and providing official transcripts to Reformed University. The student requesting recognition of transfer credit may be requested to provide an academic catalog or other more detailed materials, such as course syllabi. All course work will be evaluated by the Academic Affairs officials or a trained transfer credit evaluator.

Students seeking to transfer to another post-secondary education institution should be advised that Reformed University has no control over whether or not another university will accept its credits as transfer credits. Many do; however, decisions about transfer of credit are made by the individual institution. There are many reasons that credits might not transfer. Sometimes there is not an appropriate match in curriculum between two schools. Students should contact the registrar at the university in question to determine whether credits from Reformed University will transfer to that institution.