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Master of Divinity

Reformed University’s Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree program is designed to prepare students for full-time service in the church of Jesus Christ. The M.Div. program is a comprehensive basic theological program that enables students to integrate their understanding of the various disciplines of theology and ministry with their experience of the church and the world, thus preparing them for diverse ministries; pastoral ministry, mission, teaching, or ministries of social service and chaplaincy.

Reformed University offers a 90 hour graduate degree designed to prepare students for careers in the field of ministry, teaching, and advanced academic studies.

Program Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

The Master of Divinity degree program aims to:

  • Prepare students with a foundational knowledge of the historical/theological content of Scripture with an application to selected contemporary situations.
  • Prepare students to interpret biblical writings in the Greek and Hebrew languages, using critical exegetical tools and writing a hermeneutical and exegetical paper.
  • Provide a basic knowledge of the history of Christianity.
  • Provide a basic knowledge of theology and Christian doctrines.
  • Enable students to integrate biblical and theological understanding with practical ministry strategies.
  • Equip students with the biblical, theological and ethical understanding necessary to analyze and discuss contemporary social issues affecting the church and society.
  • Enable students to develop and articulate a theology and theory of ministry that is relevant to their backgrounds and callings.
  • Provide opportunities to demonstrate necessary skills for ministry within a variety of traditions, churches and cross-cultural contexts.
  • Promote a biblical/theological understanding of the person, work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Enable students to articulate clearly their ministry/professional calling.
  • Enable students to develop a theology and theory of ministry that integrates biblical and theological content with practical ministry skills.
Administrative Fees (when applicable)
Application Fee $100
I-20 Students Application Fee $50
New Students Orientation Fee $50
Placement Test (per appointment) $30
Total $230


Graduate Program (per credit) $330
(12 Credits = $2,970)  
Technology Fee $122
Student Activity Fee $50
Facility Fee $50
Registration Fee $100
(Per semester) $322