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Degrees & Programs

Bachelor of Arts in
Theological Studies

The BATS degree is designed to prepare students for further theological studies and promote the cultivation of a spiritual life. The degree provides not only the basis for deeper understanding not only of theological issues, but also of a broader spectrum of general education. The degree meets the needs of servants who wish to begin or to continue graduate-level theological education for personal or vocational enrichment. It also serves as a basis for lifelong spiritual growth.

Reformed University offers a 120 hour 4-year undergraduate degree designed to prepare students for careers in the field of ministry or for advanced academic studies.

Program Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

Graduates of the BATS will be prepared to:

  • Communicate the Scripture with clarity and conviction
  • Demonstrate an understanding of modern society and its culture
  • Evidence the personal and professional characteristics needed for successful ministry
  • Implement and answer critical questions concerning authorship, dating, psychology, and place of composition of the Bible
  • Articulate their understanding of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the composition of Scripture
  • Have opportunities to join the ministry of the local church under the supervision of a minister
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand the counseling principles and techniques required to meet individual needs
Administrative Fees (when applicable)
Application Fee $100
I-20 Students Application Fee $50
New Students Orientation Fee $50
Placement Test (per appointment) $30
Total $230


Undergraduate Program (per credit) $200
(12 Credits = $2,400)  
Technology Fee $122
Student Activity Fee $50
Facility Fee $50
Registration Fee $100
(Per semester) $322