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International Student Applicants  

For an international student to be able to study in the US, there is a well-defined procedure that must be followed. It includes following several required steps, such as taking tests, applying for admission, securing an I-20, getting an F-1 visa, and then doing the actual studies in the US. Since March 2017, Reformed University has been approved and certified by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and issues I-20s to qualifying international students. Applicants must submit the following:  

a) Application form for I-20 international applicants 

b) Non-refundable I-20 application fee 

c) F-1 Student Proof of Financial Support 

d) F-1 Student Agreement 

e) Copy of passport and current visa 

f) Copy of high school diploma, GED certificate and/or accredited institution transcripts with certified English translation 

g) TOEFL IBT score of 60 or any equivalency to show the English proficiency (i.e., ESL certificate) 

h) Transfer Clearance Form (for Transfer-In students only) 

i) International Student Immunization Record form 

j) International Student Health Insurance Waiver form 

k) Financial Statement with Affidavit of Support ($22,000/$25,000) 


Please consult the Appendix to the Reformed University Catalog or speak to the International Student Advisor for complete information on international student admissions. For all other information regarding International Students, please consult the Student Handbook.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Incoming initial-entry students (those who are not currently in the US) to the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) program must possess a Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) score of at least 60 or have completed a nationally or regionally accredited English Language program in the U.S.  in order to enroll at Reformed University. Applicants who do not have the required TOEFL score will be required to take an English-language placement test. Reformed University does not currently offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Students who have earned a high school or college degree from within the United States or completed at least a year of credit-bearing academic study at an accredited U.S. university are considered to have met English Language Proficiency requirements. Contact the International Student Advisor with questions regarding TOEFL scores

New Students 

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  1. Current catalog
  2. Student handbook
Supporting Documents for the application: Below is a list of supporting documents that you may need to submit along with an admission application:
- Copy of your ID (Drive License, Passport, Current Visa)
- High School diploma or College Graduate Certificate 
- Copy of Current I -20 (International students only)
- Copy of I-94 (International students only)
- Proof of Financial Support (International students only)   
1. Domestic Applicant (U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents): If you are a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States, please fill out the APPLICATION FOR U.S. CITIZENS AND LAWFUL PERMANENT RESIDENTS.

2. International Applicant (F1 Visa): If you are an international student, please fill out the APPLICATION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENT.