English Language Support Program

The ELSP courses are designed to offer students a dynamic and communicative approach to help them develop the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills effectively and proficiently. The methodology of courses’ communicative approach allows students to carry a guided conversation within various work activities while in class.

The courses help students create a classroom environment in which they can interact with each other dynamically. The course instructor will help students develop the expected confidence to use the English language creatively to meet their own needs and goals.

The students will be able to develop or refine the writing skills that students will need to function within an academic community. It covers the basic structures of term papers and other types of academic writing, with focus on establishing the rationale and purpose of an academic paper. In addition, it provides students with writing and language techniques that are useful in writing a clear, coherent, logical text.

Program Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

  • Use spoken English effectively in daily life in the community, in or out of school, at work, and in general to realize their dreams.
  • Learn how to be a proficient listener and speaker.
  • Continue to develop listening and speaking strategies in group activities and formal presentation.
  • Write authoritatively on how a specific objective or task can be completed.
  • Effectively highlight similarities and differences between two or more topics in their written essays.
  • Write clear and strong causal essays using effective critical thinking skills.
  • Take a definitive view of a subject and offer arguments for or against their stance.
  • Fully express themselves through written narration.

Course Availability

  • ELSP094 Academic Speaking and Listening I
  • ELSP095 Academic Speaking and Listening II
  • ELSP096 English Writing I
  • ELSP097 English Writing II
  • ELSP098 Academic Reading and Vocabulary I
  • ELSP099 Academic Reading and Vocabulary II
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