Bachelor in Theological Studies

The BATS degree is designed to prepare students for further theological studies and promote the cultivation of a spiritual life. The degree provides not only the basis for deeper understanding not only of theological issues, but also of a broader spectrum of general education. The degree meets the needs of servants who wish to begin or to continue graduate-level theological education for personal or vocational enrichment. It also serves as a basis for lifelong spiritual growth.

Bachelor in Theological Studies

Program Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

Graduates of the BATS will be prepared to:

• Communicate the Scripture with clarity and conviction
• Demonstrate an understanding of modern society and its culture
• Evidence the personal and professional characteristics needed for successful ministry
• Implement and answer critical questions concerning authorship, dating, psychology, and place of composition of the Bible
• Articulate their understanding of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the composition of Scripture
• Have opportunities to join the ministry of the local church under the supervision of a minister
• Demonstrate the ability to understand the counseling principles and techniques required to meet individual needs

Administrative Fees (when applicable)

Application Fee **$230 $100
I-20 Students Application Fee $50
New Students Orientation Fee $50
Placement Test (per appointment) $30
Total $230


Undergraduate Program (per credit) $200
(12 Credits = $2,400)


Technology Fee $122
Student Activity Fee $50
Facility Fee $50
Registration Fee $100
(Per semester) $322
B.A.T.S. Requirements
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