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Tuition and Fees


*Reformed University students mainly use non-cash payment options that include E-payment, check, and money orders. If you have cash, you can deposit your cash into your bank account and use any of these methods to pay the University.

The cost of tuition covers only a portion of the student’s education and therefore, Reformed University depends upon the generosity of its supporters to make up the difference. In our endeavor to keep costs as low as possible, the following fees are applicable for any entering students.

Administrative Fees (when applicable)
Application Fee (Nonrefundable) $150
I-20 Students Application Fee $50
New Students Orientation Fee $50
English Placement Test (per appointment) $30
Total $280
Extra Fee
Installment Fee (2 payment plan) $100
Graduation Fee $250
Late Registration Fee $100
Late Payment Fee $100
Change of program Fee $100

Undergraduate Program (per credit)

(12 credits = $2,400)


Graduate Program (per credit)

(9 credits = $2,970)


MBA Program (per credit)

(9 credits = $3,870)

Technology Fee (per semester) $122
Student Activity Fee (per semester) $50
Facility Fee (per semester) $50
Registration Fee $100
(per Semester) $322
Office Document Fee

Official Transcript

Verification of Enrollment/

Travel authorization/

$ 10

Certificate of Graduation/

Certificate of Completion/

On-campus Employment

Verification letter

$ 5
Apostille Fee $15
I-20 Reproduction or Extension $20
Student ID Replacement charge $35
Insufficient Fund Charge $50

* The fees may be changed without prior notifications.

* Full-time student status for Reformed University is as follows:

  • For Bachelor’s degree program: 12 credit hours (4 courses) per semester
  • For Master’s degree program: 9 credit hours per semester or a combination of classes and 9 clock hours per week toward research and writing

* No student will be allowed to register for a new semester and no transcripts or final grades will be released unless all unpaid bills to the University have been paid in full.

** Application fee is charged only once unless the applicant has completed one program of study and is applying to enter an unrelated program, or the applicant previously withdrew from the institution.

*This fee schedule is intended to be a planning guide for new/current RFU students and parents.

Net Price Calculator

Select the Net Price Calculator to identify the normal cost for undergraduate programs at Reformed University.