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Degrees & Programs

Bachelor of Arts in
Business Administration

The aim of the Department of Business Administration is to provide a quality-education program to students to prepare them to compete intellectually and professionally in the global workplace that is changing rapidly and technologically.

The Department seeks to maintain an open atmosphere to foster superior instruction, professional development, research, and community involvement by the faculty; and foster collegiate inquiry, academic advancement, self-enhancement, and a commitment to public involvement among students based on their interest, integrity, and responsibility.

Certain required courses within the business degree program form the theoretical and practical framework needed to succeed in increasingly responsible leadership roles within their professional and personal organizations.

Reformed University offers a 120 hour 4-year undergraduate degree designed to prepare students for careers in the field of business and advanced academic studies.

Program Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration encourages students to achieve the following educational objectives:

  • Understand the functional components of business: economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, information technology, and management.
  • Demonstrate evidence of strong business analysis and management skills.
  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify business opportunities/problems, develop alternative solutions, and formulate plans.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of business administration concepts and quantitative controls in dynamic economic, political, cultural, and religious environments.
  • Operate effectively in dynamic political, cultural, and religious environments.
  • Prepare for leadership and service in their vocations.
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral presentation skills needed in their vocations.
Administrative Fees (when applicable)
Application Fee $150
I-20 Student Application Fee $50
New Student Orientation Fee $50
Placement Test (per appointment) $30
Total $280


Undergraduate Program (per credit) $200
(12 Credits = $2,400)  
Technology Fee $122
Student Activity Fee $50
Facility Fee $50
Registration Fee $100
(Per semester) $322