Jae Sig Park, Ph.D
Jae Sig Park, Ph.DPresident / Founder
Won Wook Moon, D.Miss
Won Wook Moon, D.MissVice President
Hee Deuk Yoo, Ph. D
Hee Deuk Yoo, Ph. DDirector of Academic Affairs
Jeom Ok Kim, Ph. D
Jeom Ok Kim, Ph. DDirector of M.Div
Jong Sik Chang, Ph. D
Jong Sik Chang, Ph. DDirector of Student Affairs / Director of BATS
Dennis C. Malone, Ph. D
Dennis C. Malone, Ph. DDean of Distance Education / Professor of Biblical Studies
Heung Sung Nho, Ph. D
Heung Sung Nho, Ph. DDirector of Business Administration Program / Director of Institutional Assessment
Petter Shirokov, M.Div
Petter Shirokov, M.DivBusiness Communication Professor
Jae Rye Kim, M. Div
Jae Rye Kim, M. DivDirector of Business Affairs
TaeYoung Choi, MBA
TaeYoung Choi, MBAChief Financial Officer
Charlies S. Kim, D.Min
Charlies S. Kim, D.MinDirector of Admission & PDSO
Dianne G. Murray
Dianne G. MurrayLibrarian
YeJoon Kang
YeJoon KangDirector of FAFSA