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Reformed University's Response to Coronavirus(CoVid19)

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Reformed University’s Response to Coronavirus (CoVid 19)

Reformed University is concerned for the health safety and academic learning of all our students. As education systems and institutions in Georgia and across the United States exercise caution in planning for the next several weeks numerous options are being enacted. Reformed University’s leadership team determined the following course of action as the more prudent measures for our institution.
First, the University will be closed next week, March 16–20. Second, the spring break will be moved up to March 23–27. This means that there are no campus or online classes for 2 weeks; March 16–27. Following the 2 weeks, all campus and online students will complete the semester through online classes using the Populi LMS. Faculty completed training this week to facilitate this action and are currently engaged in adding course assignments for weeks 12–15 of the semester.
Students who have not yet completed their login and authentication process for Populi must do so now. If you experience difficulty, you may contact Peter Shirokov ( or Dr. Dennis Malone ( When contacting us for assistance, make sure you provide your full name and your best return email address. For questions related to your course(s) contact your instructor first, then the Program Director, then one of us.
Continue to pray for those who are in danger due to the spread of this virus and pray for a positive resolution for this time in our hist


The Leadership Team

P.S. 1. Our admissions office and business office will still work taking calls and answering inquiries during this period.
2. The online classes start on March 30th for BABA; March 31st for MDiv, BATS and BABA(Tuesday class).
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